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While owning stocks provides more flexibility, those stocks are directly effected by the economy.

Real estate investments provide a steady incoming cash flow, so even when the chips are down you can count on money coming in. Other benefits include: potentically avoiding paying taxes on capital gains and your investment can actually be worth more than the dollar amount you've put in. 

Investopedia breaks it down like this:

Purchasing $20k in stocks will be immediately valued as $20k. If you choose to put that same $20k into real estate -- you can purchase properties valued at a much higher dollar amount. While utilizing a portion of rental income to cover monthly costs.

The great thing about real estate is that it offers a low entry point, so anyone has the ability to become a property owner. We'd love to chat with you more on what options are available to you.

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You probably know that…

Housing is essential!

Every adult over the age of 19 needs a place to call home. Therefore, the marketing opportunities are truly limitless with new prospects available regularly. So what is the ratio between home-owners vs. renters?

According to an article published by the U.S. Census Bureau in April of 2019, 87.9% of properties in the United States were deemed occupied by a consumer. Of that percentage, 31.4% were inhabited by renters.

That means that roughly 1/3 of all occupied housing is RENTER BASED!

Talk about opportunities to grow your cash!!  

You maybe didn’t know that…

Rental property investments have out-performed more traditional investments.

The stock market is an obvious choice for many new investors. However, it has is ups and downs. So does real estate, but you as the investor have more control with owning a property than stocks.

In choosing SLRPM, you can choose which properties you'd like to invest in, as well as how involved you'd like to be in the management process. 


Chances are, you’ve already decided why you’ve chosen to invest in real estate. BUT! In case you needed an extra nudge -- I’ve got it for you.

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